Lekhoker Lekhok Dostoyevsky by Jogeshwar Roy

Lekhoker Lekhok Dostoyevsky by Jogeshwar Roy Bangla ebook pdf
Book name- Lekhoker Lekhok Dostoyevsky
Author – Jogeshwar Roy
Format- PDF (Portable Document Format)
size- 36MB
Pages- 504
eBook quality- Good

Lekhoker Lekhok Dostoyevsky by Jogeshwar Roy

Fyodor Dostoyevsky was born in 1821 in Moscow, Russia and he was a guidance of Russian literature who had spent all his life as a novelist, author of short story, essayist, journalist and a philosopher. He wrote his first novel ‘Poor Folk’ which published in 1846 after then he wrote many notable novels like- Crime and Punishment, The Idiot, Demons etc. This Russia’s Prophet and the world’s favorite immortal fiction writer, varied life stories like a adventure novel. If you want to know about the legendary writer, you should read this book. The book- ‘Lekhoker Lekhok Dostoyevsky’ is written by Jogeshwar Roy.
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Lekhoker Lekhok Dostoyevsky


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