Jules Verne Omnibus (all parts) by Jules Verne bangla story books

Jules Verne Omnibus by Jules Verne in bangla onubad story books
e-books name- Jules Verne Omnibus (Parts-1,2,3,4,5)
Author – Jules Verne
Translated by- Manabendra Bandyopadhyay
Format- PDF
eBooks quality- good

Jules Verne Omnibus by Jules VerneWe all know that science fiction not a science, basically these are imagine fiction. And Jul Verne was not a scientist, yet his science based imagination is equivalent to science. Jules Verne means overwhelming and wonder adventure stories. This nineteenth-century French writer, who revolutionized the world of Sci-fi.
There are five parts of Jules Verne Omnibus in this post. This author wrote World inebriate Sci-fi stories on sitting in the attic of his house. All these books written by France novelist Jules Verne (1828-1905) and books are onubad in Bangla by Manabendra Bandyopadhyay.
Get these Bangla story books pdf files.

Jules Verne Omnibus part-1
size- 16MB
pages- 529, there are five translated stories in the part -1, these are-
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas
Adrift in the Pacific
Purchase of the North Pole
Journey to the Center of the Earth
A Scientist Kidnapped.

Jules Verne Omnibus part-2
size- 14MB
pages- 454, there are five translated adventure stories in the part- 2, these are-
A Drama in Livonia
The School for Robinsons
Tribulations of a Chinese Gentleman
The Lighthouse
Master Jakarius

Jules Verne Omnibus part-3
size- 11MB
pages- 391

Jules Verne Omnibus part-4
size- 14MB
pages- 486

Jules Verne Omnibus part-5
size- 27MB
pages- 681

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