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Rudali by Mahasweta Devi Bangla boi pdf

Rudali by Mahasweta Devi ebook

Rudali by Mahasweta Devi Bangla boi pdfWritten by- Mahasweta DeviBook genre- Story collectionFile format- PDFPDF Size- 5mbPages- 127Quality- best, without any watermark This book contains two more stories besides a popular Bengali novel ‘Rudali’ written by Mahasweta Devi, these are- ‘Tung-Kur’ and ‘Gohumani’.What is the meaning of the word ‘Rudali’? The meaning of this word […]

Pratham Pratishruti-Subarnalata-Bakul Kotha Bangla novels pdf

Pratham Pratishruti-Subarnalata-Bakul Kotha ebooks

Satyavati Trilogy (Pratham Pratishruti-Subarnalata-Bakul Kotha) by Ashapurna Devi pdfWritten by- Ashapurna DeviBook genre- Trilogy novel collectionFile format- PDFPDF Size- 66mbPages- 1109Quality- best, without any watermark Some words about the ‘Satyavati Trilogy’- Satyavati trilogy is a very important creation of Bengali literature by Ashapurna Devi. That’s because this trilogy introduces us to women from three different […]

Tin Kahini by Banaphul bangla boi pdf

Tin Kahini by Banaphul ebook

Tin Kahini by Banaphul bangla boi pdfWritten by- Balaichand Mukherjee (Banaphul)Book genre- Story collectionFile format- PDFPDF Size- 13mbPages- 237PDF Courtesy by- Saikat Sengupta from MolatQuality- best, without any watermark The real name of the author behind this pseudonym ‘Banaphul’ is Balaichand Mukherjee (Born: July 19, 1899 – Died: February 9, 1979). He used to write […]

Chalchchitre Rabindranath (set of 2 vols) pdf

Chalchchitre Rabindranath bengali ebook pdf

Chalchchitre Rabindranath (all parts) pdf books Written by- Rabindranath Tagore Book genre- novels and the story collection File format- PDF Quality- best, without any watermark Rabindranath Tagore is a Nobel winner and one of India’s greatest poets. His talent as a poet is recognized worldwide. He was also a musician, novelist, playwright, painter, philosopher, educator […]