Amrita Galposambhar Ed. Book pdf

Amrita Galposambhar ebook

Amrita Galposambhar Ed. Bengali eBook pdfe-book name- ‘Amrita Galposambhar’,Written by – Various authorsEdited by- Kamal Chowdhuri,Type of book- Story collection book,File format- PDF,PDF size- 35Mb,Pages- 312,Quality- Best, no watermark, clickable table of contents. ‘Amrit’ debuted on 9 May 1971 on Rabindranath’s birthday occasion. From the beginning, it aroused a response in the readership. Gradually the […]

20 Must Read Bengali Books pdf

20 Must Read Bengali ebooks

20 Must Read Bengali Books pdf CollectionType of Books- Bangla ebookFile format- PDF,Quality- Good First of all it is good to say that the treasure of Bengali literature is not small but it is very wide and rich. The Bangla Sahitya Bhandar contains many good books written by eminent writers and which are very popular […]

Charlie Chaplin Kishor Omnibus pdf

Charlie Chaplin Kishor Omnibus ebook

Charlie Chaplin Kishor Omnibus, Bengali free book pdfe-book name- ‘Charlie Chaplin Kishor Omnibus’,Translated by- Subhodh Chakrabarti,Type of book- Kishor Sahitya,File format- PDF,PDF size- 62 Mb,Pages- 342,Original Uploader – Abhishek Banerjee (from molat facebook group)Quality- Good but mobile scan, no watermark. Charlie Chaplin was the initiator of a new era in the film world. When he […]

Bir Bangali by Pranoy Roy pdf

Bir Bangali by Pranoy Roy ebook

Bir Bangali by Pranoy Roy, Bengali free book pdfe-book name- ‘Bir Bangali’,Edited by- Pranoy Roy,Type of book- Patra Sahitya,File format- PDF,PDF size- 6 Mb,Pages- 48,Quality- Best, no watermark. Letter-literature is an individual section in the field of Bengali literature. Not only did the expatriate letters of various writers and scholars inform the recipients of the […]