Jyotish Pravakar by Kailash Chandra Jyotisharnab pdf

Jyotish Pravakar by Kailash Chandra Jyotisharnab, Bengali ebook in pdf
ebook name- ‘Jyotish Pravakar’
Author – Kailash Chandra Jyotisharnab
Book genre- Astrology book
File format- PDF
Size- 30Mb
Pages- 744
Quality- good, without any watermark

Jyotish Pravakar by Kailash Chandra Jyotisharnab pdf

Jyotish (astrology) is a part of the Vedas and it is mainly divided into two parts – Ganit ()mathematics and Falit (applied). Among them, applied astrology is directly effective. The author studied a lot of applied astrology and became aware of the various strategic rules of this scripture and decided to publish it in public.
All the things that the ancient sages wrote and discussed about the astrology in Vedas, there is no part of them are omitted in this book. And also the author has explained the Bengali translation of the verses of the book and draws various chakras for general readers to understand.

This book contains all the requirements for the preparation and calculation of jonmapatrika preparation and gonona-pronali, grohogoner shayonadi dwadash-bhabnagoan, ishthadandashodhan pronali, jothbichar, sosandhi dwadashbhabsfutogonona and samoyik shubhashubho bichar, and all that is required for them. In addition, for example, this book has jonmapatrika of the leading personalities of the country at that time. This will make it easier to understand the effectiveness of the Jyotish calculation method.

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Dear readers, you can collect this ancient Bengali astrology (Jyotish) book- ‘Jyotish Pravakar by Kailash Chandra Jyotisharnab‘ Bengali ebook in pdf.

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