Rahul Sankrityayan Jiban O Mulyayan pdf

Rahul Sankrityayan Jiban O Mulyayan by Prafilla Kumar Chakrabarty pdf
e-book name- ‘Rahul Sankrityayan Jiban O Mulyayan’
Written by- Prafulla Kumar Chakrabarty
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Rahul Sankrityayan Jiban O Mulyayan pdf

Mahapandit Rahul Sankrityayan is one of the best wise of the twentieth century. Such a multi-colored dynamic life, such a vast personality of knowledge and action is rarely found in world history. He willingly endured unbearable hardships to get to know the society and civilization, the land and the people, and traveled all over the country and abroad all his life. Again, the constant flow of his writing continued till the last day of his life.
This self-taught great scholar has acquired immense knowledge on innumerable subjects and has written unforgettable books on all those subjects. He single-handedly embarked on the arduous task of restoring India’s ancient culture, which had almost disappeared from the country’s memory. Almost helpless, he crossed the impassable path and went to Tibet four times. In addition to a large number of manuscripts, he brought many ancient paintings and other materials from Tibet to India. And they are preserved in various archives.

He has written numerous books on novels, stories, plays, literary criticism, travel stories, biographies, autobiographies, glossaries, philosophy, archeology, history, politics, etc. He wrote in many languages, but he was devoted to Hindi. He has enriched the Hindi language and literature in many ways.
Historian Professor Prafulla Kumar Chakraborty was fascinated by the varied life of this unique thinker. So he wrote a biography of this extraordinary man.

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