Rahul Sankrityayan’s One Dozen Bangla ebooks pdf

Rahul Sankrityayan’s More then One Dozen Bangla ebooks pdf files.
Author name- Rahul Sankrityayan
Files format- PDF
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Rahul Sankrityayan's One Dozen ebooks
Rahul Sankrityayan alias Kedarnath Pandey (April 9, 1893 – April 14, 1963) was a renowned travel-thirsty man and a scholarly person in different Scriptures including Buddhist. He was also famous as the theoretical explanation of scientific materialism. It is believed that he was the father of Hindi Travel literature. He spent all of his personal life with travel. His extraordinary skill was on different parts of India’s regional languages like Bhojpuri, Maithili, Nepali, Rajasthani etc. He had traveled almost all over India and Tibet and learned Tamil and Tibet language. Then he traveled in Sri Lanka, Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Baluchistan and other countries.
He Composition Tibetan-Hindi dictionary, only the first part of which was published after his death. This Indian scholar wrote many books on the subject of travel, social sciences, history, philosophy, religion, science, etc. One of his most notable book is ‘Volga Theke Ganga’. Now I want to share with you in this post, one dozen Bangla books collection of his writing. We’ve collected these books from the internet and all achievement goes to the original uploader.

Books are- ‘Amar Jibonjatra’, ‘Bismrita Jatry’, ‘Bouddho Darshan’, ‘Chetonar Dasotto’, ‘Islam Dhormer Ruprekha’, ‘Kinnor Deshe’, ‘Natun Manab Samaj’, ‘Ramrajya O Marxbad’, ‘Tomar Khoy’, ‘Vago Nehi Duniyako Badlo’, ‘Voboghure Shastro’, ‘Volga Theke Ganga’, ‘Singha Senapati‘.

Amar Jibonjatra contentAmar Jibonjatra (1 to 5 Vol)
Pages- 439
PDF Size- 15mb

Bismrita Jatry contentBismrita Jatry
Pages- 174
PDF Size- 15mb

Bouddho Darshan contentBouddho Darshan
Pages- 140
PDF Size- 14mb

Chetonar Dasotto contentChetonar Dasotto
Pages- 78
PDF Size- 8mb

Islam Dhormer Ruprekha contentIslam Dhormer Ruprekha
Pages- 107
PDF Size- 4mb

Kinnor Deshe contentKinnor Deshe
Pages- 154
PDF Size- 21mb

Natun Manab Samaj contentNatun Manab Samaj
Pages- 130
PDF Size- 4mb

Ramrajya O Marxbad contentRamrajya O Marxbad
Pages- 84
PDF Size- 10mb

Tibbate Sawa BochhorTibbate Sawa Bochhor
Pages- 223
PDF Size- 7mb

Tomar Khoy contentTomar Khoy
Pages- 64
PDF Size- 7mb

Vago Nehi Duniyako Badlo contentVago Nehi Duniyako Badlo
Pages- 222
PDF Size- 25mb

Voboghure Shastro contentVoboghure Shastro
Pages- 125
PDF Size- 15mb

Volga Theke Ganga contentVolga Theke Ganga
Pages- 169
PDF Size- 26mb

Singha SenapatiSingha Senapati
Pages- 240
PDF Size- 16mb

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