Bismrita Jatry by Rahul Sankrityayan in PDF

Bismrita Jatry by Rahul Sankrityayan Bangla Anubad eBook in PDF

Book name- Bismrita Jatry
Author – Rahul Sankrityayan

Format- PDF
size- 15MB
Pages- 174
eBook quality- excellent, without any watermark.

Bismrita Jatry by Rahul Sankrityayan

Mahapandit Rahul Sankrityayan (9 April 1893 – 14 April 1963) was born at Ajamgar, district of Pandaha, Uttar Pradesh. His father’s name was Gobardhan Pandey and his mother Kulawanti Debi. His family was given the name Kedarnath Pandey but widely known today as Rahul Sankrityayan who is called the father of Hindi travel literature. In childhood and early youth, he was a god believer and attentive to religion. But he did not indulge in blind faith in God-belief and religious practice. Rationalistic was his private mental-features. 1934, 1936, 1938 – Three times he went to Tibet, he rescued 363 Sanskrit manuscripts from there. His famous book “Darshan-Digdarshan” is like a history of eastern and western philosophy.

Most high-level Empirical books are- “Madhyo Ashiar Itihas”, “Manob Samaj”, “Bishwer Ruprekha” etc. and historical novels are- “Singho Senapati”, “Volga Theke Ganga”, “Rekha Bhagat” etc.  Today I’ll share with you, his anubad book “Bismrita Jatry” which was translated by Malay Chattopadhyay. Get this Bangla eBook Bismrita Jatry in PDF.

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  1. you are genius bro, a great step . i know ekhn net e temon boi keu khojena but u r great , tumi chesta ta ontoto korecho.

    1. dear Sobhan, you are wrong. jemon tumi boi khujte ekhane esechho, thik sei rakam onek boi pagal achhe. Prithibite sab dharoner manush achhe, boi pagol-o anek achhe. dhannobad friend.

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