Chetonar Dasatwa O Onyanyo Prabandha by Rahul Sankrityayan pdf

Chetonar Dasatwa O Onyanyo Prabandha by Rahul Sankrityayan pdf
ebook name- Chetonar Dasatwa O Onyanyo Prabandha
Written by- Rahul Sankrityayan
Book genre- Translated Article-book
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Pages- 86
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Chetonar Dasatwa O Onyanyo Prabandha by Rahul Sankrityayan pdf

The book is a translation of Rahul Sankrityayan’s Hindi original Dimagi Gulami and four essays from Rahula Nibandhabali. Bengali translated by Kamalesh Sen, Rabindra Gupta, Malay Chattopadhyay.

Most of the writings in this collection of essays ‘Chetonar Dasatwa’ (Slavery of Consciousness) by the great scholar Rahul Sankrityayan were written between 1937-41. He analyzed the problems facing the country and the people of the country at that time in his own way. He described, how the country could gain independence and move towards new construction by throwing away the slavery of thought.

The first ten articles of this compilation are more or less all about various problems of that time. And those problems are still intact today and have taken more complex. In his first essay, ‘Dimagi Gulami’ (Chetonar Dasatwa), he made it very clear that ‘mental slavery is the greatest obstacle to progress. Our misery, our economic, social and political problems are so complex that if we do not think about those problems in a very free mind, we will not find a way to overcome these problems.’ He made it clear that the ruling class gave birth to slavery of consciousness in various ways for their own self-interest.
The other four articles that have been compiled in this collection are taken from ‘Rahul Nibanddhabali’. ‘Premchand Smriti’ and ‘Ami Ki Kore Galpo Lekhak Holam’ (How I Became a Story Writer) are two memoirs. But there is some information in it, which is very valuable. And the other two essays are written on the problems of Hindi literature and newspapers.

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