Chhotoder Sachitra Mahabharat bengali pdf

Chhotoder Sachitra Mahabharat Bengali pdf
Book genre- Children literature
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Pages- 243
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Chhotoder Sachitra Mahabharat pdf

When we hear the word Mahabharata, it feels as a smell of war, and war means fear. However, the events described in this ‘Children’s Mahabharata’ are not frightening, but the subtle knowledge that is hidden in every part of its story. It is possible to get victory in the battle of life by using this knowledge. The combination of so many characters in its vast background is really outstanding that there is no other example of it in the world literature. For thousands of years, millions of poets have gradually added their knowledge to it. The Mahabharata is the best example of “Collective Knowledge” in the history of human society. Another name in the Mahabharata is “Joy” (victory). If the person who wants to win something reads the Mahabharata, his wish is fulfilled.

Is there any mantra in the Mahabharata that will bring victory down from the sky and hold it in your hand? The answer is absolutely not. On the contrary, it is possible to snatch victory by using the subtle knowledge that is hidden in every part of the story of Mahabharata. Nothing else, the Mahabharata is a masterpiece from a strategic point of view. Sri Krishna’s tactics of warfare, the use of cunning tactics in the struggle against the unjust, the way to face danger in a steady manner – every aspect is thoroughly described in the Mahabharata.
My dear children readers keep your eyes open, keep the door of the mind open and keep reading this wonderful scripture, you will get the answers to all the questions. And if you want to read Mahabharata easily, you can read this book.

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Dear reader, you can collect the great scripture of Hindus for children ‘Chhotoder Sachitra Mahabharat‘ with pictures bengali pdf

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