Mahabharater Galpo Bengali child story pdf

Mahabharater Galpo Bengali child story pdf file

ebook name- Mahabharater Galpo
Book type- ancient juvenile story
File format- PDF
Pages- 344
File size- 20mb
Quality- best, without any watermark

Mahabharater Galpo
Mahabharata (Sanskrit: महाभारतम्) is one of the two main epics of ancient India ( one is Ramayana) which is written in the Sanskrit language. This epic belongs to the history of Hinduism.
The main content of the Mahabharata is the family feud of the Kaurava and the Pandavas and the forecast events of Kurukshetra war. But apart from the war description, there is most of the elements of philosophy and devotion have been added to this epic.
According to conventional belief, the author of the Mahabharata was Vyasdev. Many researchers have studied the historical development and composition levels of this epic. It is composed almost 400 BC. The meaning of Mahabharata is the great epic of the Bharat dynasty. There are one lakh verses and along part of prose in this great epic. The word of this epic is approximately eighteen lakhs.
“Mahabharata” is a famous epic of the world. The entire Mahabharata is very large, many of us do not have patience or time to read it, especially for children and youth. For that, I want to share a book for children and youths named ‘Mahabharater Galpo’. There are many of the events selected from the Mahabharata and published as stories for little readers. Collect this ancient storybook and enjoy this mini Mahabharata.
The book is very sweet-able for children and juvenile.
Collect the book PDF or Read Online
All children and juvenile readers can collect these ancient stories collection book – ‘Mahabharater Galpo‘ in pdf.

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