Mahabharat- Bangla epic ebook pdf collection

Mahabharat- Bangla epic ebook pdf collection

Number of books- 2
File format- pdf
Qualities- Best, without watermark

Mahabharat- Bangla epic ebook

The Mahabharat, a great Sanskrit epic, written by Krishnadwaipayan Vyas. The main theme of this epic, the events of the war between Kuru-Pandava who belonged to the Chandra dynasty.
According to the father’s name, Pandu’s sons (five) are known as Pandava. And Sons of Dhritarashtra (hundred sons including Duryodhan) they are known as Kuru or Kourav, according to the name of their grandfather Kuru. Duryodhan was the chief of the Kuru team and the head of the Pandav team was Yudhisthir. And the great war took place between them at the place of Kurukshetra that is known as the Kurukshetra war.
The events that occur before and after of war, these are the main elements of the Mahabharat.
In the seventeenth century, Kashiram Das wrote the Mahabharat in the verse, which is the most popular of the Bengalis. There are many names are found as Bangla Mahabharata writers after Kashiram, they are- Ghanasyam Das, Ananta Mishra, Ramnarayan Dutta, Ramkrishna Kabishekhar, Shrinath Brahman, Gangadas Sen, Rajendra Das, Krishnaram and many more. Their writings are mostly incomplete for that they did not get much publicity in the well-public society.

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But in the nineteenth century, Kali Prasanna Singh and Rajshekhar Basu’s prose translation received special praise from the Bengali community.
there is an amazing combination of different opinions and ways. It is seen in the coordination efforts of Shaiva, Shakta, and Vaishnav philosophies. And this great composition is the combination of an epic, history, mythology, theology, economics, ethnicity, philanthropy, etc. This great book is a huge knowledge base of ancient India. There is a lot of information about Society, Culture, Politics, Home Science, Vocalism, War Policy, Romantic Fiction, Myth, Astronomy, Hypnosis, Medical, Dancing of that time, all gathered in Mahabharat. Therefore, it is called the fifth Veda of its importance. The famous religious philosophy scripture Bhagavad Gita is included in the sixth episode of the Mahabharat.
Now I want to share two books of Mahabharat one is an abstract translation by Rajshekhar Basu and another is a summary in the form of a story by Swami Amalananda.
1. Entire Mahabharat abstract translation by Rajshekhar Basu
Pages- 712
PDF size- 43mb
Collect the pdf / Read online

2. The Mahabharat summary in the form of a story by Swami Amalananda
Mahabharater Kahini by Swami Amalananda
Pages- 164
PDF size- 7mb
Collect the pdf / Read online
All my Godly brothers, you can collect the Hindu religion Bangla epic book- Mahabhara in pdf.

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