Tulanamulok Alochonay Ramayan O Mahabharat Bangla ebook pdf

ebook name- Tulanamulok Alochonay Ramayan O Mahabharat
Written by- D. Bibekananda Bandyopadhyay
Book genre- An article book
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 25mb
Pages- 354
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Tulanamulok Alochonay Ramayan O Mahabharat pdf

Ramayan and Mahabharat are invaluable treasures of India. The educated and the uneducated of India, both young and old, have an equal affection for the two books. The writings of Kalidasa Rabindranath of India and Milton or Shakespeare of foreign countries, no matter how good or serious, could not become the content of the hearts of the common people of India like the Ramayan and the Mahabharat. Many local and foreign scholars have written many books based on these two great books written by Adikabi Balmiki and Maharshi Bedavas. Scholars from different continents have studied the compositional method, content, social life, etc. of these two epics with multiple perspectives.
So far, both epics have had many scholarly discussions. However, it cannot be said that the discussion on all aspects of the two ageless books has been completed. The two books contain the history of ancient India, social life, warfare, monarchy, etc., as well as the innate essence of all people of all ages has also been sounded.

This book attempts to determine the relationship between the two epics through a comparative discussion.
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