Premer Yatkinchit by Bani Roy Bengali ebook pdf

Premer Yatkinchit by Bani Roy Bengali ebook pdf
ebook name- Premer Yatkinchit (প্রেমের যৎকিঞ্চিৎ)
Written by- Bani Roy
Book genre- Short story collection
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 18mb
Pages- 326
Quality- best, without any watermark

Premer Yatkinchit by Bani Roy pdf

There is no doubt that short stories have become richer in diversity and richness in a short period of time than other sections of Bengali literature. Rabindranath was the father of modern Bengali short stories. He has observed ‘Chhoto Pran Chhoto Kotha’ from various aspects of life. Even after Rabindranath, the progress of Bengali short story did not stop. The vision of the novice-seekers has fallen on the undiscovered chapter of life. Not only the novelty of the subject, but also the novelty of the technique attracts attention.
Bani Roy has added a new style to modern Bengali short stories. That trend is strong and full of new possibilities.
Bani Roy has embellished all stories with various expressions of love. In particular, she has expressed the desires, Kamona, love, hopes, and aspirations of women in her written stories. It is only by analyzing the extent of female characters in her literature that one realizes how sympathetically she has analyzed female characters.
‘Premer Yatkinchit’ is a collection of such stories. There are twenty-five stories in this collection, these are-
Lukreshiya, Media, Semili, Safo, Panchokanya, Abishkar, Vampair, Anarya Premik, Kid, Ranjan Rashmi, Upolabddhi, Tarpor, Barsha Bijaoy, Dhakka, Khela Noy, Burning Bright, Tirish Dashoker Ek Galpo, Prahar Holo Shesh, Jibonatit, Ananta Joubona, Se Abhineta, Matir Murti, Tuhin-Kranti, Garbita Hridoy, Basic Traning.

Table of content in Bengali-

Premer Yatkinchit contents

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