Hastarekha Bichar by Suriyasiddhanta Bhattacharya pdf

Hastarekha Bichar by Suriyasiddhanta Bhattacharya, Bengali ebook in pdf
ebook name- ‘Hastarekha Bichar’
Author – Sri Suriyasiddhanta Bhattacharya (Jyotiranjan)
Book genre- Astrology book
File format- PDF
Size- 5Mb
Pages- 130
Quality- good, without any watermark

Hastarekha Bichar by Suriyasiddhanta Bhattacharya pdf

According to palmistry, a person’s destiny and personality are drawn on the palm of his hand. This scripture further suggests that a few special marks formed by lines on the palms of the hands indicate rare good fortune. In astrology, we can know and understand our future through palmistry.

Astrology, Samudrick bichar (palmistry), etc. first started in this India. This science is a very ancient science.
Collect this rare astrology book and understand all the information about palmistry (hastarekha bichar) in simple language. The method of calculation by looking at the lines and symbols of the hand has been written in a very simple way in this book. It’s so easy that even the least educated people will easily understand – everyone will be happy to see the direct results. This is a very remarkable book about this ancient Jyotish science- Hastarekha.

Collect the pdf Or Read it online
Dear readers, you can collect this ancient Bengali astrology book- ‘Hastarekha Bichar by Suriyasiddhanta Bhattacharya‘ Bengali ebook in pdf.

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