Koshthi-Dekha by Jyoti Bachaspati Bangla Horoscope Book

Koshthi-Dekha by Jyoti Bachaspati Bangla Horoscope Book pdf
ebook name- Koshthi-Dekha
Author- Jyoti Bachaspati
Type of book- Astrology
File format- PDF
Pages- 263
File size- 10mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Koshthi-Dekha by Jyoti Bachaspati

General educated people, who do not know about the astrology but they want to know about the astrology and own Koshthi bichar so the book for them. How to get results easily and how many results can be matched, everyone can understand this analysis easily by reading this book. A person does not know anything about the astrology, one of his friend has experience in astrology who took the time of his birth and made such a table like below.

Koshthi-Dekha content

There is his birth-month, birth-date and birth-time with fine planetary resources are recorded in this table. But because the person does not know the astrology, he does not understand anything about this analysis. Now, if he wants to understand it then he needs to learn or know the content. And how will it be to learn easily? Please read the book and know about the analysis of the horoscope.

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