Jadu-Kahini by Ajit Krishna Basu Bangla magic story book


Jadu-Kahini by Ajit Krishna Basu Bangla magic story book pdf
ebook name- Jadu-Kahini
Author- Ajit Krishna Basu
File format- PDF
Pages- 276
File size- 19mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Jadu-Kahini by Ajit Krishna Basu
Magic story is the oldest story in the world and God is the world’s first and greatest magician. He created this wonder world in the space by his magic. Era after era human saw this wonder creation of God and eventually at one time this started to decrease from the human mind. And then Forgotten the magic of God, people began to be fascinated by the man made magic.

Friends, now I want to share a book- ‘Jadu-Kahini’ The story of magic created by man.
Table of contents are-
‘Ekjon Jadukorer Katha’
‘Adwitiyo Harry Hudni’
‘Jadukar Ganapati’
‘Shaytan O Maskelin’
‘Akti Avishapta Khela’
‘Chung Ling Su’
‘Devid Devant’
‘Adalate Jadukar’
‘Uttar Desher Jadukar’
‘Dahujagater Ashare Galpo’
‘Asal O Meki’
‘Farasi Jadu Samrat Udyan’
‘Count Cyalioshto’
‘Duti Aloukik Kahini’
‘Kheyali Jadukar’
‘Bekayday Jadukar’
‘Koyekti Jadu-Khelar Katha’
‘Koyekti Katha’
‘Bideshider Drishtite P.C.Sarkar’
‘Jadu-Samrater Mrityu’

Collect the book PDF or Read Online
Dear Bengali readers could collect this Bangla magic stories book- ‘Jadu-Kahini‘ in pdf file.


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