Nishiddha Deshe Souwa Batsar by Rahul Sankrityayan pdf

Nishiddha Deshe Souwa Batsar by Rahul Sankrityayan, Bengali ebook pdf
ebook name- ‘Nishiddha Deshe Souwa Batsar’,
Written by – Rahul Sankrityayan,
Type of book- Travel Book,
File format- PDF,
PDF size- 10 Mb,
Pages- 211,
Quality- Good, no watermark,

Nishiddha Deshe Souwa Batsar by Rahul Sankrityayan

Rahul is a great scholar of culture. He is multilingual. Proficient in Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Pali, Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian, and English, his command of Tibetan and other languages is outstanding. He is also proficient in the Russian language. The fame of his extraordinary scholarship has spread across the country and abroad. He is world-famous for his discovery of ancient Tibetan poems and translations of ancient books.

The description of Tibet in this book is many years old. After that, many changes started in that country, such as two motorable highways, north-south and east-west, establishing communication with China. But the identity of Tibet that the reader will find in this book is basically the society and culture of the people of this country which has not changed much yet.

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Dear Readers, collect this translated Book- ‘Nishiddha Deshe Souwa Batsar by Rahul Sankrityayan’ Translated by Kedarnath Chattopadhyay, Bengali ebook pdf download.

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