Pak-Pranali (vol-6) by Bipradas Mukhopadhyay in PDF

Pak Pranali (vol-6) by Bipradas Mukhopadhyay Bangla eBook in PDF

Book name- Pak-Pranali (vol-6)
Author – Bipradas Mukhopadhyay
Format- PDF
size- 15MB
Pages- 278
eBook quality- very good

Pak-Pranali by Bipradas Mukhopadhyay

Most of the books of the cooking concerning recipe book. The original recipe books in Bengali means Pakrajeswbar and Byanjanratnakar. But as much as the historical cost of these books, it is not as a practical value. Pioneer of the modern recipe book is Bipradas Mukhopadhyay and Progasundary Debi.

*Readers can collect more book about sweet making recipe- Mishtanno-Pak (vol-1&2) by Bipradas Mukhopadhyay

Today I’ll share with you, a homemade food making a book in Bangla “Pak-Pranali (vol-6)” which is written by Bipradas Mukhopadhyay. You can collect this Bangla eBook as a pdf file from this post. Get the book Pak-Pranali in pdf.
Collect this excellent ebook ‘Pak-Pranali’ in pdf.

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