Jiban Rudra by Falguni Mukherjee in PDF file

Jiban Rudra by Falguni Mukherjee Bangla eBook in PDF

Book name- Jiban Rudra
Author – Falguni Mukherjee
Format- PDF
size- 21MB
Pages- 207
eBook quality- Good

Jiban Rudra by Falguni Mukherjee

Falguni Mukherjee, author’s pseudonym. His real name was Tara Das. Born March 7, 1904, and died on 25 April 1975. He worked in the editorial department of Bangalaxmi Monthly Patrika. He wrote many notable novels as Chita Bahniman, Shapmochon, Akashe Banani Jage (1943), Ashar Chhalone Bhuli (1950), Bahnikanya (1951), Mon o Mayuri (1952), Mirar Badhua (1956) etc. His two books of poetry are Hingul Nadir Kule (1935), Kashbaner Kanya (1938). Now I’ll share with you, his another Bangali book “Jiban Rudra”. Get Bangla eBook Jiban Rudra in PDF.
Dear readers, collect this ebook ‘Jiban Rudra by Falguni Mukherjee’ in pdf.

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