Gulistar Golpo by Sheikh Hobibor Rahman pdf

Gulistar Golpo by Sheikh Hobibor Rahman, Bengali anubad ebook pdf
ebook name- ‘Gulistar Golpo’,
Translated by- Sheikh Hobibor Rahman
Type of book- Children’s storybook,
File format- PDF,
PDF size- 22 Mb,
Pages- 216,
Courtesy by- Bidya Naskar
Quality- Good, no watermark

Gulistar Golpo by Sheikh Hobibor Rahman pdf

Gulistan book of epic, poet Sheikh Sa’di is well known in the whole world. Readers who do not know about this book are rare. But how many people in our country have had the opportunity to read it and understand it after reading it? Because even a few decades ago, the Persian language was the object of special love for Hindus and Muslims as the royal language in this country. But in the brutal speed of time, this language has no special place in the world today!
At the same time, it can be said that even if the words of other poets of Persia can be forgotten, the Muslim society of the world cannot forget the great poet Sheikh Sa’di. There is no comparison to what he has given to the world. Translations of his books have gained special respect as far away as Europe.

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