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Mrityur Pore O Atmar Katha, Bengali Book Pdf
ebook name- Mrityur Pore O Atmar Katha
Edited and Translated by – Hiralal Chakrabarty
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Mrityur Pore O Atmar Katha

It is often seen that the modern medical community (in all countries) is reluctant to identify itself with spirituality because they are very conscious, fearful and afraid of their popularity. In Medical Jurisprudence (Medical Jurisprudence) which is not mentioned or has not yet been written. When something like that happens, they suppress it or try to hide it or deny it outright. They do not have the morale to accept the truth. Therefore there is no special preaching about the existence of the soul.

But there are exceptions. There are doctors who accept the true facts and investigate their scientific theories. One of the doctors with such a rare and rare personality was:
Dr. MAURICE S. RAWLINGS, Sr. M. D., Head of the Department of Cardio Pulmonary Diseases, Diagnostic Center, Tennessee, U.S.A.
He has not only accepted what he has observed as true but the thesis which he has prepared after investigating his scientific theory has been published in a book.
The book was edited and translated by Hiralal Chakrabarty.

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