Gayanganj by Gopinath Kaviraj Bangla eBook Pdf

Gayanganj by Gopinath Kaviraj Bangla eBook Pdf
ebook name- ‘Gayanganj’
Written by- Dr. Gopinath Kaviraj
Book genre- Religious Book
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 11Mb
Pages- 166
Quality- Good, without any watermark

Gayanganj by Gopinath Kaviraj pdf

About the author-

Gopinath Kaviraj is a memorable name in Indian Sadhana and Manisha. His life shines in the light of extraordinary talent and philosophy. For more than half a century in Kashidham, he has been engaged in the study of knowledge and the practice of sadhana and has come to be worshiped and respected by all as Sachal Vishwanath.
Born in 1887, on 7th September in the village of Dhamrai in East Bengal.
After passing the entrance examination in 1905 from Dhaka Jubilee School, he went to Jaipur for higher education due to health reasons. Later, came to Kashi for postgraduate studies and got first in first class from Allahabad University M. A. Pass the exam.
His career also began in Kashi, first as the librarian of the Saraswati Bhavan of Benares Queen’s College (now Sanskrit University) and later as its principal. It was during this time that many invaluable ancient texts and discussion articles on them were published under his editorship under the title Saraswati Bhavan Texts and Studies. Apart from this, his numerous articles and books are published gradually. The Government of India honored him with the title of Mahamahopadhyay and Padma Vibhushan. Various universities awarded him social D.Litt.

The book ‘Gyanganj’ written by Gopinath Kabiraj Mahashay can be said to be the only authentic book about the mysterious Gyanganj.
Only the Siddha Purusha know about ‘Gyanganj’ and they will not write about it. Siddhapurusha Gopinath Kaviraj Mahashay is the only Mahasadhaka who has written extensively on this subject after listening to Yogiraj Swami Visudhananda Paramahamsa.
While discussing Gyanganj it should be remembered that no one knows the exact location of this place in the Himalayas in general geography. This is not a terrestrial place. This invisible yoga ground is not a tourist sight

You must read this wonderful book by Gopinath Kaviraj to know details about the ‘Gyanganj’ of Siddhapurush, Mahagyani Mahajan.

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