Anugalper Mohanay Bangla anugalpo pdf

Anugalper Mohanay Bangla anugalpo pdf
Written by- Various authors
Edited by- Chinmoy Bishwas
Book genre- Micro-story collection
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 2mb
Pages- 185
Courtesy by- Dibyendu Singha Roy
Quality- HQ, without any watermark

Anugalper Mohana Bangla anugalpo pdf

The word ‘micro-story’ suggests that the story will be small in size, but how short that size will be or how it will become a big story if the limit of shortness is broken is not told anywhere. The age of short story that broke the sphere of the novel in Bengali literature is not more than one and a half hundred years, and it is difficult to say exactly when that short story became a micro-story in today’s terminology.

The first micro-compilation of this ‘Galpanu’ magazine ‘Tin Minuter Galpo’ was published in 2002. The next collection, ‘Anugalper Mohanay’ was published in 2012.
Dear friends, now I want to share the pdf of ‘Anugalper Mohana’. There is a lot of micro-story in this collection book, these are written by a lot of eminent writers.

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Dear readers, collect the micro-compilation book ‘Anugalper Mohanay’ Bangla anugalpo pdf

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