Bishwer Shrestha 100 Manishir Jibani book

Bishwer Shrestha 100 Manishir Jibani book
ebook name- ‘Bishwer Shrestha 100 Manishir Jibani’
Writer- Michele H. Heart
Book genre- Biographical book
File format- PDF
Size- 10Mb
Pages- 242
Quality- good, without any watermark

Bishwer Shrestha 100 Manishir Jibani pdf

‘Bishwer Shrestha 100 Manishir Jibani’ the translated book of ‘The Hundred’ by Michele H. Heart. A worldwide most popular book. The author discusses here the biographies of the 100 best scholars or celebrities in the world. Translated into Bengali by General Akbar Hossain Khan and edited by M, Solaiman Kasemi.
The book begins with a biography of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and ends with a biography of Kazi Nazrul Islam. And there are biographies of 98 more people, some of them hallow, writers, scientists, poets, artists, heroic soldiers, rulers, leaders, etc. And they are from different countries and different religions. An extraordinary timeless book.

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