Aai Naradeho (entire version) by Bimal Mitra PDF

Aai Naradeho by Bimal Mitra, Bengali novel PDF
ebook name- ‘Aai Naradeho’ (entire version),
Written by – Bimal Mitra,
Type of book- A Novel,
File format- PDF,
PDF size- 100 Mb,
Pages- 892,
Quality- Good, no watermark,

Aai Naradeho by Bimal Mitra pdf

Bimal Mitra in his mature age said to one of his successor writers – the new novel that I have taken up is called ‘Aai Naradeho’. The Flesh can say in English. I have to live in good health for five years only for this novel. The psychological continuity between the novel ‘Begum Meri Biswas’ and ‘Ek Dasak Shatak’ will have its extreme consequences in the novel ‘Aai Naradeho’.
The novel took more than five years to complete. The novel was published in the magazine ‘Navakallol’ continuously for six years. At first, this great novel was published in volumes in book form.

In the novel ‘Ae Nardeh’, the decadence of the social life of Kolkata in the eighties, there is no lack of money and abundance, yet there are meaningless violent conflicts, the hero of the novel becomes disoriented, ironically bewildered by seeing these arrogant people. Today, two decades later, in the twenty-first century, we see that the author’s true vision has become even more true. The degradation of humanitarian evaluation has reached its final stage. Today’s society is aimless, misguided, arbitrary, and blinded by the glory of power. The virtues of sacrifice, honesty, and tolerance have disappeared today. The author’s attempt is to restore people’s self-esteem. To glorify themselves by bringing back their lost qualities.

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