Mousumi Samudrer Upokul by Abhijit Sen in PDF

Mousumi Samudrer Upokul by Abhijit Sen Bangla eBook in PDF

Book name- Mousumi Samudrer Upokul
Author – Abhijit Sen
Format- PDF
size- 12MB
Pages- 197
eBook quality- excellent

Mousumi Samudrer Upokul by Abhijit Sen

He was born on January 8, 1945 in undivided India, at present the village of Kewra in Barishal district, Bangladesh. And he came to Kolkata after, From 1963 to 1969, six years he served in the General Insurance Company after he left the service and he joined politics. Abhijit Sen got Award Bankim Chandra Memorial Award by the Government of West Bengal (1992), and Sarat Chandra Memorial Award by Kolkata University(2005). Some of his notable books are- Rohu Chandaler Har, Chhayar Pakhi, Bidhyadhari o Bibaghi Lakhindar, Panchashti Galpo, Ninnogatir Nodi, Mousumi Samudrer Upokul, Rachpot-Dharmoghot and Shrestho Galpo. Today I’ll share with you, his Bangla book “Mousumi Samudrer Upokul”. Get eBook Mousumi Samudrer Upokul in PDF.

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