Charyapada by Atindra Mujumdar in PDF

Charyapada by Atindra Mujumdar Bangla eBook in PDF

Book name- Charyapada
Author – Atindra Mujumdar

Format- PDF
size- 12MB
Pages- 196
eBook quality- very good

Charyapad by Atindra Mujumdar

Atindra Mujumdar (born in 1924- died in 1993) he born at Tamluk, distric of Medinipur. He has been a professor in the University of Melbourne, Australia more than a decade of Bhart Bidhya course. His published books of poetry are Jagoran, Nidrahiner Gaan, Madhyodiner Gaan. His published other books are Bhashatatho, Chhando o Alankar, Charyapada. Today I’ll share with you, his Bangali book Charyapada. Early twentieth century, a groundbreaking discovery in the history of the Bengali literature, especially significant history of our language and literature. It took place in 1907 AD. Get eBook Charyapada in PDF.
Collect this ancient book in pdf.

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