Galposankalan by Buddhdeb Basu in PDF

Galposankalan by Buddhdeb Basu Bangla eBook in PDF

Book name- Galposankalan
Author – Buddhdeb Basu

Format- PDF
size- 18MB
Pages- 326
eBook quality- good

Galposankalan by Buddhdeb Basu

Buddhadeb Basu (born on November 30, 1908 and died on March 18, 1974) was a celebrated Bengali author. He was a poet, essayist, playwright, short story writer, translator, editor. He composed many poems, stories, articles in English and he earned praise fro England and America. His first poetry book was Marmobani (1925). His notable poems books are Marmobani (1925), Bandir Bandhona (1930), Prithibir Pathe (1933), Kankabati (1937), Sreshtho Kabita (1953), Swagato Biday (1971) etc. His talent revealed. Novels are Sara (1930), Sananda (1933), Lal Megh (1934), Rat bhor Brishti (1967), Bipanna Bismay (1969), Rukmi (1972), Ek Peyala Cha etc. Today I’ll share with you, his Bangla book “Galposankalan”. There are a lot collection of stories in this book as Jor, Mejaj, Prathom o Shesh, Bon, Proshno, Chor!Chor!, Premer Bichitra Gati, Ferioyala, Hatasa, Arkestra, etc.

Get the Bangla ebook Galposankalan in pdf.

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