Bedouin’s (Debesh Roy) a lot of pdf books collection


A lot of books collection of Bedouin (Debesh Roy) pdf books.

ebooks quality- excellent

Number of pdf books- 11

Bedouin (Debesh Roy) pdf books collection‘Bedouin’ is a Pseudonym of Bengali eminent author Debesh Roy, he was born in 1917 at Rajshahi in Bangladesh. He was a great Bengali story and novel writer. He always used Pseudonym “Bedouin” as an
author. He was a freedom fighter and a magazine editor of Nataji Subhas Bose. In 1958 he got Rashtrapati Award. His notable works are- Manush Keno Khun Kore, Siya Ekti Gopan Chakra, Hanoi Theke Saigon, Manobatmar Sandhane, Pothe Prantare, etc. In 1990, he received Sahitya Akademy Puruskar for his novel Tista Parer Brittanta. He died in 2001. Now I want to share with you a huge collection pdf books of Bedouin.
List of Bedouin’s pdf books-
1. Kajoldighir Haspital
Pages- 132

PDF size- 8MB

2. Ato Kim
Pages- 268

PDF Size- 19MB

3. Jail O Jahlad
Pages- 80

PDF Size- 4MB

4. Preyoshi Samachar
Pages- 167

PDF Size- 9MB

5. Mahanayak Lenin
Pages- 303

PDF Size- 17MB

6. Maou Se-Tung
Pages- 379

PDF Size- 25MB

7. Matir Kkhudha
Pages- 128

PDF Size- 8MB

8. Manobatmar Sandhane
Pages- 223

PDF Size- 16MB

9. Jashaytalar Ghat
Pages- 130

PDF Size- 10MB

10. Rajnitir Naipothye
Pages- 231

PDF Size- 14MB

11. Ulango Bubhukha

Pages- 203

PDF Size- 13MB


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