Ehudi Khata by Amitava Sengupta pdf

Ehudi Khata by Amitava Sengupta, Bangla book pdf
ebook name- ‘Ehudi Khata’
Author- Amitava Sengupta
Book type- research-type book
File format- PDF
Pages- 185
File size- 75Mb
Quality- Good, without any watermark,
A study of the Socio-Culture history of the Jeus

Ehudi Khata by Amitava Sengupta ebook

The subject of the book is a long-term study of Jews. The main attraction of the book is the origin, development, and three thousand years of scattered life of the Jews in the “Diaspora” – all these topics. The book describes the changing diaspora, fragmented Jewish social picture, and ethnic psychology at various points in history. How Jewish culture and religious beliefs have repeatedly suffered in a fragmented, mixed society, their spiritual tension, Jewish persecution in Europe, Africa at different times, Eastern Europe in (disastrous) ethnic riots, Czarist Russia, Jewish talent in Nazi Germany – all are made acceptable to the reader. . The spread of this story from the time of the Messiah Abraham to the Camp David Accords in the late seventies. This was the first attempt at the Jews in Bengali and Indian vernaculars. In fact, the book is fictional, but written based on non-fiction, that is, real history. So for those of us who are curious about the different communities of the world, this book is essential. This is a good book, especially for learning about Israel and Jewish history.

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