Falguni Amnibus Bangla Novels Collection pdf

Falguni Amnibus Bangla Novels Collection pdf file

ebook name- Falguni Amnibus
Author- Falguni Mukhapadhyay
File format- PDF
Pages- 1199
File size- 28mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Falguni Amnibus
Falguni Mukhapadhyay (March 7, 1904 – April 25, 1975) was a renowned Bengali writer, novelist and also an editor. The author used this pseudonym ‘Falguni Mukhapadhyay’, but his real name is Taradas. He was the editor of the Bangalakshmi Masikpatrika and he started his literary career from there. ‘Chita Bramhiman’ and ‘Sapmochan’ are the most famous novels of this author. These two novels have played a great role in the gathering of readers. His written novels were so popular that they were famous as the story of the film. Among his other novels- ‘Akash Banani Jage’ (1943), ‘Ashar Chhalone Bhuli’ (1950), ‘Mon O Mayuri’ (1952), ‘Mirar Badhuya’ (1956), ‘Badhu’, ‘Bhagirathi Bohe Dhire’ (1951), ‘Jole Jage Dhew’ (1954)’, ‘Phulshajyar Raat’ etc. are the most notable. His written poetry books are- ‘Hingul Nadir Kule’ (1935), ‘Kashboner Kanya’ etc.

There are eight story book in this Amnibus, these are-
Chita Bamhiman
Charan Dilam Rangaye
Dip Chahe Shikha
Jiban Rudra
Bhagirathi Bohe Dhire

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