Haridaser Guptakatha by Bhubanchandra Mukhopadhyay pdf

Haridaser Guptakatha by Bhubanchandra Mukhopadhyay, Bengali ebook pdf
e-book name- ‘Haridaser Guptakatha (Four parts together)’,
Written by – Bhubanchandra Mukhopadhyay,
Type of book- Bengali book,
File format- PDF,
PDF size- 65 Mb,
Pages- 680,
Quality- Good, no watermark,

Haridaser Guptakatha by Bhubanchandra Mukhopadhyay pdf

I am Haridas. I was in this Bangladesh many years ago. At that time I gave some introduction of my childhood life. For a long time after birth, I didn’t know who my parents were, I didn’t know anyone as my own, it still haunts me when I think of the hardships I endured and the dangers I endured. Fortunately, even though I am now a king, I still remember everything from the past.

I introduced myself once before, I was young then, I could not reveal many secrets then, but this time with the last words I will tell them in full detail. The narrative is incomplete without the words of the beginning, so the necessary events are also briefly recorded in it. Please read carefully.

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