Jibanananda Rachanabali (all parts) by Jibanananda Das in ebook pdf

Jibanananda Rachanabali by Jibanananda Das in Bangla ebook pdf

eBook name- Jibanananda Rachanabali
Author – Jibanananda Das
Editing- Debi Prasad Bandyopadhyay
Format- PDF
Part- 1, size- 48MB, Pages- 771
Part- 2, size- 97MB, Pages- 1087
Part- 3, size- 83MB, Pages- 894
eBook quality- Good

Jibanananda Rachanabali by Jibanananda Das

Jibanananda Das (born on February 18, 1899- died on October 22, 1954) was a modern Bengali poet, writer, essayist and Teacher of the twentieth century. There are some notable Poetry books of his- Jhora Palok (1927), Dhusar Pandulipi (1936), Bonolata Sen (1942), Mahaprithibi (1944), Ruposi Bangla (1957), Sudarshana (1973) etc. Novels are- Malyaban (1973), Sutirtha, Jalpaihati, Jibanpronali, Purnima, Pretnir Rupkotha, Bibha etc. Today I want to share with you three parts of his Rachanabali ebook pdf. All poems in the 1st part and all novels in the 2nd part and all stories in the 3rd part. All these parts are edited by Debi Prasad Bandyopadhyay.
Jibanananda Rachanabali (kabita) part- 1
Jibanananda Rachanabali (novel) part- 2
Jibanananda Rachanabali (story) part- 3

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