Kabir Bouthan by Mallika Sengupta free pdf ebook download

Kabir Bouthan by Mallika Sengupta free pdf ebook download
ebook name- Kabir Bouthan
Writer name- Mallika Sengupta
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 19mb
Pages- 291
Quality- good, without any watermark

Kabir Bouthan by Mallika Sengupta pdf

Mallika Sengupta (1960-011), a poet and writer of West Bengal, India. Her writings are feminist and sensitive, contemporary and history-oriented. She wrote twenty books. The author was a professor of sociology at Calcutta University. She started her poet life in 1981 and from that time she wrote 11 poetry-book, two novels, and several essays.
Mallika’s poetry is known as unconvincing political and feminist. She has established the international level of her writing skills. Her writings have already been translated into different languages. The female characters who outcast of history are often revived in her writings. Notable works are- ‘Kotha Manobir Kobita’, ‘Purushke Lekha Chithi’, ‘Amake Sariye Dau Bhalobasa’, ‘Sitayan’, etc.
The State Government of West Bengal honored her with Sukanta Award, Bangla Academy Award and Fellowship for Literature.

Friends, now I want to share another creation of her- ‘Kabir Bouthan’.

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Dear friends, collect the eminent book- ‘Kabir Bouthan by Mallika Sengupta‘ free pdf ebook download.

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