Keyabat Meye by Sripantho (Nikhil Sarkar) pdf

Keyabat Meye by Sripantho (Nikhil Sarkar), Bangla Book pdf
ebook name- Keyabat Meye
Written by- Sripantho (Nikhil Sarkar)
Book genre- Articles
File format- PDF
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Pages- 250
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Keyabat Meye by Sripantho (Nikhil Sarkar)

The seven articles in this book cover seven contexts of thought. A collection of many questions and many answers. A pictorial report of Bengali psyche. All the rare images make the colorful composition even more exciting. Such a book in the Bengali language is very rare.
The seven works have one thing in common in that they are all written about women. In other words, they are written about the women of the colonial period. In general, the subject of Bengali ‘Gentlewomen’ of the 19th century covers much of the book. But Indian women from other areas have also come in some writings. Came with the urge to clarify the outline of the problems or the beginning of new views about women during the colonial period.
This book is certainly not a sequential history of women’s progress. Some fragments of the last two centuries.

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