Lila Majumdar Rachanabali All three Volumes Bangla ebooks pdf

Lila Majumdar Rachanabali All three Volumes Bangla ebooks pdf
ebook name- Lila Majumdar Rachanabali, vol- (1-2-3)
Edited by- Samir Maitra
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Lila Majumdar Rachanabali pdf

Lila Majumdar is so well known to the Bengali readers that it is unnecessary to introduce her again. She was the daughter of the famous Ray family of Masuya, daughter of Pramodranjan Roy, niece of Upendrakishor Raychawdhuri. Born in Kolkata in 1908. Most of her childhood was spent in the beautiful environment of Shillong, at her father’s place of work.
The author was a bright student of English Literature at the University of Calcutta and scored the highest number in English. She has taught in Darjeeling, Santiniketan and the women’s department of Ashutosh College. She was also associated with Akashbani Kolkata for several years.
This great person wrote many Bangla stories, essays, and novels and received many awards and honors. And also translated many educational works and novels from English.

Leela was married to a prominent dentist, Dr. Sudhir Chandra Majumder in 1933. Despite his father’s strong opposition to this marriage, she accepted Dr. Sudhir Babu as a life partner. For that reason, the relationship with her Father is broken forever. Leela-Sudhir was a very happy couple in their married life. Her husband was passionate about her literature.

Her first story ‘Lakshmichhara’ was published in the magazine Sandesh in 1922. In 1961, Satyajit Ray revived the magazine Sandesh and since then Leela Debi has been associated with the magazine from 1963 to 1994 as its co-editor. Lila Majumdar was a writer beyond husband, children, family, and her career. Who gave a lot of teenage literature. She was unique in writing ghost stories. She used to write all strange dreams that dreams are only seen by children. Her storytelling was very glittering and her imagination touches the sky.

Her childhood in Shillong, work with Santiniketan and All India Radio, many interesting events of the Raychaudhuri family and his long journey to Malang of Bangla literature are described in her autobiography entitled ‘Pakadandi’. In addition, she received the Ravindra Prize for his first autobiography ‘Ar Konkhane’ in 1969.

The characters of women each of Leela Majumdar novels are particularly significant. It is more worth mentioning that there is a satisfying human consequence to every story without the help of a dramatic or unusual event.

Her popular book ‘Holud Pakhir Palak’ on the state award for children literature. ‘Bak bodh Pala’ the Sangeet Natak Academy Award, Aar konokhane, Rabindra Puraskar. She had also on the Suresh Smriti Puraskar, Vidyasagar Puraskar, Bhubaneswari media for lifetime achievement and Anand Puraskar she has been awarded the Deshikotrama by Visva Bharati, and honorary D.litt. by Burdwan University, North Bengal University and Calcutta University.
Her popular books are Holde Pakhir Palak, Tong ling, Naku Gama, Podi Pishir Bormi Baksho, Mani mala, Batas bari, Boddi Nather Bari, Din Dupure, Chhotoder Srestha Galpa, Shob Bhuture, Pari Didir Bor, Cheena Lonthan, Nepor Boi, Bhagyer Galpa, Bagher Chokh, Bhuter Bari, Ferari, Ei Je Dekha, Aar Konkhane, Shibur Dairy, Bak Dharmik, Basher Phul, Moyna,Shalikh, Taka Gachh, Din Dupure, Lal Neel Deslai, Je Jai Baluk etc..

Friends, now I want to share ‘Lila Majumder Rachanabali‘ all three Volumes and Rachanasamagra vol-1 and Lila Omnibus as pdf files.

1. Lila Majumder Rachanabali Vol- 1
Table of contents-

Lila Majumdar Rachanabali content 1

Pages- 402
PDF Size- 25mb
Collect the pdf or Read online

2. Lila Majumder Rachanabali Vol- 2
Table of contents-

Lila Majumdar Rachanabali content 2

Pages- 402
PDF Size- 13mb
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3. Lila Majumder Rachanabali Vol- 3
Table of contents-

Lila Majumdar Rachanabali content 3

Pages- 354
PDF Size- 21mb
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Collect all notable works of her in three parts.

*You can also collect Lila Majumdar Rachanasamagra Vol- 1 that is edited by Soma Mukhopadhyay
Leela Majumder Rachansamagra Vol- 1
Pages- 630
PDF Size- 38mb
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And also collect Lila Omnibus
Table of contents-

Lila Omnibus contents

Pages- 413
PDF Size- 11mb
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Dear readers can collect all the literary works of Lila Majumder from this post.

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