Samrat O Sundari by Shankar in ebook pdf

Samrat O Sundari by Shankar in Bangla ebook pdf

eBook name- Samrat O Sundari
Author – Mani Shankar Mukherjee
Format- PDF
size- 18MB
Pages- 282
eBook quality- Excellent

Samrat O Sundari by Shankar

Shankar is an Indian Bengali writer. His real name is Mani Shankar Mukherjee. Famous film director Satyajit Ray made film- ‘Simabodha’ and ‘Jano Aronya’, based on his story. Also his novel ‘Chowringhee’ have been making film. He was born on 7 December 1933, at Banagrame in Joshor. His father Haripada Mukherjee was an advocate, before the start of World War II he went to Howrah in Kolkata with his family. In there Shankar grew up, studied and started his literary achievements. At the beginning of life, sometimes he was a Hawker, Typewriter cleaner, Private tutor, Clerkship. Inspired by the British he began writing. His notable works are- Gharer Madhye Ghar, Rasabati, Ekdin Hathat, Monjangal, Ruptapas, Morubhumi, Tirandaj, Potbhumi, Kamona Basona, Anek Dour, Sukh Sagar, Nabina, Abcd, Banglar Meye, Nagarnandini, Tanoya, Sahosa etc. Now I want to share with all book warm friends, his famous novel ebook pdf- Samrat O Sundari.

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