Kantai Kantai by Narayan Sanyal part-1 and part-2 in ebook pdf

Kantai Kantai by Narayan Sanyal part-1 and part-2 in Bangla ebook pdf

Book name- Kantai Kantai part-1 and part-2
Author – Narayan Sanyal
Format- PDF
size- part-1 8MB, part-2 6MB
Pages- 146 and 139
eBook quality- Good

Kantai Kantai by Narayan Sanyal

Narayan Sanyal was a most popular writer in Indian Bengali Literature. He was born on 26 April 1924 and decease on 7 February 2005. He got Rabindra and Bankim award in 1969 and 2000. His written books are about one hundred and fifty, his cover with writing on science fictions, painting, sculpture, travel, nostalgic, psychological, detective etc.
His remarkable ebooks pdf are-
Mahakaler Mandir
Bihanga Basana
Vastu Bigyan

Dandak Sabari
Today I’ll share with you his famous ebook pdf “Kantai Kantai” part-1 and part-2.

Kantai Kantai part-1
Kantai Kantai part-2

You can also get Kantai Kantai (Katay Katay) by Narayan Sanyal part-3 and part-4 from HERE

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