Narendra Nath mitra Rachanabali ebooks pdf


Narendra Nath Mitra Rachanabali ebooks pdf file
e-books name- Narendra Nath Mitra Rachanabali
Parts- 1,2,3,4
Format- PDF
Qualities- good, no watermark

Narendra Nath mitra Rachanabali ebook

Narendra Nath Mitra was born on January 30, 1916, at Faridpur in Bangladesh. He passed B.A. from Bangabasi College and the beginning of writing from youth. The first printed poem was ‘Mukh’ and the story ‘Mrityu O Jiban’ both are published in Desh Patrika in 1936. The first collection of stories- ‘Asamatal’ (BS-1352), Fist novel- ‘Haribansa’ (BS-1353), he was a worth Manufacturer of the 51 short stories and 38 novels. Many of his stories have been translated into Hindi, Marathi, Russian, English, Italian language. He died on September 14, 1975. Friends, now I want to share with you the four volumes of this great author’s stories- Narendra Nath Mitra Rachanabali. These are-
Narendra Nath mitra content 1
Narendra Nath mitra Rachanabali vol- 1
Pages- 643
Size- 21mb
Narendra Nath mitra content 2
Narendra Nath mitra Rachanabali vol- 2
Pages- 651
Size- 22mb
Narendra Nath mitra content 3
Narendra Nath mitra Rachanabali vol- 3
Pages- 451
Size- 21mb
Narendra Nath mitra content 4
Narendra Nath mitra Rachanabali vol- 4
Pages- 441
Size- 21mb



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