Nikuntila by Nasrin Jahan in pdf


eBook name- Nikuntila
Author name- Nasrin Jahan

Format- pdf
Size of pdf- 10MB
Pages- 156
Quality of pdf- excellent

Nikuntila by Nasrin Jahan

Nasrin Jahan was born on 5 March 1964 in the village of Haluaghat in Mymensingh district. Her father Ghulam Ambia Fakir and mother Umme Salamah Both died. From the beginning of the eighties she entrance in storts stories world. After five successful Short stories she began write novel. She got the Phillips literary prize for his novel. The total number of books of her fortyeight. Today I’ll share with you an eBook “Nikuntila” which written by Nasrin Jahan. Get this eBook as pdf.


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