Pakistaner Janmamrityu-Darshan pdf

Pakistaner Janmamrityu-Darshan by Jatin Sarkar pdf
e-book name- ‘Pakistaner Janmamrityu-Darshan’,
Written by- Jatin Sarkar,
Book genre- Documentary ebook,
File format- PDF,
PDF size- 21 Mb,
Pages- 453,
Quality- Good, no watermark,

Pakistaner Janmamrityu-Darshan pdf

‘Pakistaner Janmamrityu-Darshan (Pakistan’s birth and death philosophy)’ can be called a memoir of the author. The history of this memory cannot be found in any book. The history of the writer’s mind is here.
The word ‘philosophy’ in this book contains both ‘seeing’ and ‘philosophy’. As the author describes the birth and death of Pakistan, the book also contains an analysis of the philosophy that was active behind the birth and death of the state called Pakistan.
The vision of the birth of Pakistan was an absolute appearance (Opodarshan). Pakistan’s demise was therefore essential. There was a philosophy behind the birth of Bangladesh, and within that philosophy was the philosophy of the death of Pakistan.
Nowhere else can you find such a thoughtful analysis of this philosophy of birth and death in Pakistan. “Pakistaner Janmamrityu-Darshan” is an exceptional book in this respect. Common readers, as well as history writers, will find many contents of thoughts in this book.

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