Prem Nei by Gour Kishore Ghosh (Rupdarshi) Bengali ebook pdf

Prem Nei by Gour Kishore Ghosh (Rupdarshi) Bengali ebook pdf
ebook name- ‘Prem Nei’ (No Love)
Writer- Gour Kishore Ghosh (Rupdarshi)
Book genre- A novel
File format- PDF
Size- 39mb
Pages- 349
Quality- good, without any watermark

Prem Nei by Gour Kishore Ghosh pdf

Gour Kishore Ghosh was a warrior, non-compromised, humanitarian journalist and writer of modern Bengali literature. He was an inexhaustible source of experience. Born in Jessore now in Bangladesh. But He passed matriculation from Navardwip school in West Bengal. Traditional education did not advance after Intermediate. Before coming to journalism in 1953, he did various kinds of work for at least twelve years. He even once worked as a seaman on a ship. Apart from that, sometimes he was an electrician, sometimes he was a hotel waiter, sometimes he was the manager of a dance troupe, sometimes he was a master. Eventually he came to journalism from his job as a clerk in the customs office at the border. The beginning is in ‘Satyayug’ paper. From there to Anandabazar.
Gour babu was mainly a reporter. The eyes of seeing were penetrating. What ten people will see in the same place, Gour babu will see differently. And that look has given his writing extra respect.
In Political Beliefs, he was a ‌radical humanist. Humanist, reformist, liberal. This great man had no orthodoxy about religion, community, customs, rules. He has disregarded the rules and regulations in his own life as well.
Gour Kishore Ghosh was also a master of literature. He has received various awards in recognition of journalism and literature. Gourbabu was honored with the Ananda Award in 1970 for his achievements in literature, long before he received the Magsaysay Award in 1971. His famous novel ‘Sagina Mahato’ was published in 1969. A movement to protect the rights of tea garden workers. Their leader is Sagina. The novel later became a film and gained more exposure.

Apart from this, ‘Brajodar Gulpasamgra’ is an impeccable creation of Rasik Gaurkishore. Brajnath Roy was a sports journalist for Anandabazar. He did not have a pair of bizarre lies in a fluent manner. Gour babu began to write continuously more and more of those funny things by his pen name ‘Rupdarshi’.
Friends, now I want to share an eminent novel of his writing- ‘Prem Nei’ in pdf.
Despite living side by side for decades, there was not much understanding between the two Hindu-Muslim communities. Gaurkishore Ghosh wanted to understand why. He tried to look closely at Arshinagar near his house. He tried to understand the Muslim neighbor. He wrote novels like ‘Prem Nei’ (No Love) from that thought.

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