Rabindranath O Nazrul by Gopalchandra Roy Bengali ebook pdf

Rabindranath O Nazrul by Gopalchandra Roy Bengali ebook pdf
ebook name- Rabindranath O Nazrul
Written by- Gopalchandra Roy
Book genre- Bangla book
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 6mb
Pages- 105
Quality- best, without any watermark

Rabindranath O Nazrul by Gopalchandra Roy pdf

Some words about the book- Rabindranath O Nazrul by Gopalchandra Roy

Nazrul himself said, about Rabindranath ‘Not only I do respect to the world poet but I have also worshiped him with all my heart; As the devotee worships his beloved God. From my childhood, I have worshiped in front of his pictures with incense-flower-sandalwood’.
Rabindranath also approached Nazrul with deep affection. And have told him many times to stay in Santiniketan.
When the patriotic revolutionary ‘Nazrul’ was imprisoned for writing patriotic poems then Rabindranath dedicated his newly released ‘Basant’ song-drama to Nazrul.
Nazrul started his hunger strike in jail against the brutal torture of the prison authorities then Rabindranath was upset. And also sent a telegram to Nazrul to break the hunger strike.
Although the two had such close respect and affection but once, Nazrul became extremely unhappy with Rabindranath by reading a little misinformation published in the newspaper, and even wrote it in somewhat harsh language. Of course, humility and respect for Rabindranath was enough in that writing. Later, when Nazrul went to Rabindranath and misunderstood himself, Rabindranath accepted him as in the past. That history is mentioned in this book.

In this book, almost all of Nazrul’s meetings and talks with Rabindranath were discussed, as well as the unrealistic and strange stories that are prevalent in the first meeting between this two great persons, have also been told about that untruths.
‘Rabindranath O Nazrul’ the book will help you to know many interesting facts about Rabindranath and Nazrul.
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Dear readers, collect the Bangla book- ‘Rabindranath O Nazrul‘ and know about the relationship between Rabindranath and Nazrul, Bengali ebook pdf.

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