Trinabhumi by Sadhan Chattopadhyay

Trinabhumi by Sadhan Chattopadhyay Bangla free ebook pdf
Book name- Trinabhumi
Author ā€“ Sadhan Chattopadhyay
Format- PDF
size- 24MB
Pages- 325
eBook quality- Good

Trinabhumi by Sadhan Chattopadhyay

Sadhan Chattopadhyay was born on January18, 1944 in Barisha, Kolkata. He is famous for his sociology-based literature. He wrote more then five hundreds short stories and two hunderd essays write on various magazines and literary journal. He got award ‘Somen Chandra Smriti’ in 2005 and Bankim Chandra Award by West Bengal Govt. Now I’ll share a collection selected short stories written by Sadhan Chattopadhyay during last three decades. There are thirty two evergreen stories in the book.
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