Gogol Omnibus by Samaresh Basu bangla book pdf

Gogol Omnibus by Samaresh Basu bangla book pdf
ebook name- Gogol Omnibus
Writer name- Samaresh Basu
Book genre- Children detective book
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 22mb
Pages- 517
Quality- best, without any watermark

Gogol Omnibus by Samaresh Basu pdf

Gogol is an imaginative child or boy character who lives in Kolkata. Gogol lives alone in a flat house and he’s an infinitely curious boy. As a result of this curiosity, he called for various dangers, but he exits by applying his intellect and solves the mystery. His father Samiresh Chatterjee is a big serviceman.

Samiresh babu was a fan of Russian writer Nikolai Gogol, hence named his son Gogol. Although Gogol’s creator, Samaresh Bose alias Kalkut got the name while he was writing ‘Amrit Kumbher Sandhane’. When the author went to Kumbha Mela there he was a guest at a house, the landlord’s son’s name was Gogol.

Gogol Omnibus by Samaresh Basu PDF Collection

In these stories, Gogol continued his detective work under the strict rule of younger Gogol’s mother Suniti Devi and housekeeper Bankimda. He likes adventure. In many cases, he is unwillingly involved in mystery even while going out with his parents. Many times he had to be confined in the hands of criminals and face death. Ashok Thakur is the famous detective of Naihati who often helps him in the work of mystics. To friends and relatives, he is known as the Little Detective.

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There are many short stories and novels have been published about detective Gogol. And most of the Gogol series were published in famous child magazine like Anandamela. The first story of this series- ‘Idurer Khutkhut’. And then- Chora Hati Sikar, Mahishmordini Uddhar, Gogoler Royraja Uddhar, Jonaki Bhooter Bari, Sonali Parer Rahasya, Gogoler Keramoti, Bunu Hatir Bandhutwa, Adrishya Manusher Hatchhani, Ayna Niye Khelte Khelte, Kairang Mothe Gogoler Kando, Durger Gorkhaiyer Durghotona, Pachimer Balcony Theke, Gogol Kothay? , etc.

So far two films have been made on Gogol’s stories, named- Gogoler Kirti and Goyenda Gogol. Gogol’s stories are very popular with Bengali teenagers. His good name is Gogol Chatterjee.
Friends, now I’m going to share a book of Gogol Omnibus pdf. Table of contents-

Gogol Omnibus contents

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Dear little curious readers, now you can collect this detective stories collection book- ‘Gogol Omnibus by Samaresh Basu‘ bangla book pdf.

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