Bharater Sadhak (vol-1 to 12) by Shankarnath Roy in PDF


Bharater Sadhak (Total Part) by Shankarnath Roy Bangla eBook in PDF

Book name- Bharater Sadhak
Author – Shankarnath Roy
Format- PDF
Vol- 1, size- 25MB, Pages- 339
Vol- 2, size- 26MB, Pages- 339
Vol- 3, size- 35MB, Pages- 393
Vol- 4, size- 21MB, Pages- 304
Vol- 5, size- 23MB, Pages- 308
Vol- 6, size- 22MB, Pages- 296
Vol- 7, size- 23MB, Pages- 325
Vol- 8, size- 23MB, Pages- 305
Vol- 9, size- 24MB, Pages- 303
Vol- 10, size- 23MB, Pages- 327
Vol- 11, size- 27MB, Pages- 334
Vol- 12, size- 23MB, Pages- 308
eBook quality- excellent, no watermark.

Bharater Sadhak (Total Part) by Shankarnath RoyBharater Sadhak (vol-1 to 12) ebook pdf by Shankarnath Roy.

“Bharater Sadhak” these books written about Indian saints, they are Sri Trailangaswami, Yogiraj Sri Shyama Charan Lahiri, Yogibar Gamvirnath Ji, Swami Vaskarananda Saraswati, Sri Ramdas Kathiyababa, BamaKhyapa, Balanada Brahmachari, Swami Nigamananda and others. Get all parts of this Bangla ebook pdf from links below.
Vol- 1
Vol- 2
Vol- 3
Vol- 4
Vol- 5
Vol- 6
Vol- 7
Vol- 8
Vol- 9
Vol- 10
Vol- 11
Vol- 12
Dear readers, collect this precious collection about the Indian great saints and their dedicated works and life for people.



  1. thank you for the books that you all upload thank you very much I am very much found of reading of spiritual books of lord RAMKRISHNA SWAMI VIVAKANANDA AND MOTHER SARADA AND SO ON

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