Sharatchandrika by Nandadulal Chakrabarty । Bengali ebook pdf

Sharatchandrika by Nandadulal Chakrabarty – Bengali ebook pdf
ebook name- Sharatchandrika
Writer- Nandadulal Chakrabarty
Book genre- Other
File format- PDF
Size- 11mb
Pages- 196
Quality- good, without any watermark

Sharatchandrika by Nandadulal Chakarabarty pdf

Life is the main theme of literature. Literature revolves around life here like a satellite with a planet. This cycle revolves around the great life. That extraordinary life has not only witnessed a turbulent era through various contemporary people and various problems but has also reflected its diverse form in the mirror of literature.

Without separating life and literature, the author wants to establish the seer and creator Sharatchandra as much as possible in this book. He did not knowingly degrade any character here.
In this book, the author has evaluated Sharat Chandra Chatterjee in different ways. Let us know some information about the life of this great creator and the known and unknown aspects of his creation.

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