Shibramer Mojar Galpa pdf to ebook format

Shibramer Mojar Galpa Bangla pdf to ebook format
e-book name- Shibramer Mojar Galpa
Author name- Shibram Chakraborty
Edited by- Abdush Shakur
File format- PDF
PDF size- 16mb
Pages- 79
Quality- high


Shibram Chakraborty (December 13, 1903 and August 28, 1980) was a delightful, humorist short story writer. His literature career started with poetry-writing, the first poem comes up in ‘Bharati’ magazine. The first published two books of poetry are ‘Manush’ and ‘Chumban’ in 1929. Thereafter he wrote many articles, stories, so many unique funny stories. He had a diversified life, he did Politics, was in jailed, sold newspaper, stay night on sidewalk, Journalism, only one thing he didn’t, it was married. Today I’ll share with all my dear little friends, an ebook pdf of humorist short story collection. All these stories written by Shibram Chakraborty and the book edited by Abdush Shakur. Collect the ebook from link below.
sibramer-mojar-galpa-contentCollect the pdf or Read it online
Bangla pdf to ebook formatShibramer Mojar Galpa

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