Jugantar by Shivanath Shastri in PDF

Jugantar by Shivanath Shastri Bangla eBook in PDF

Book name- Jugantar
Author – Shivanath Shastri
Format- PDF
size- 19MB
Pages- 199
eBook quality- excellent (without watermark)

Jugantar by Shivanath Shastri

Shivanath Shastri (January 31, 1847 – September 30, 1919) was a Writer, educationist, social reformer and preacher of Brahma Dharma. He was born at Changripota, district of 24-Pargona in West Bengal. He passed Entrance (1866) from Sanskrit Collegiate School and passed F.A. (1868), BA (1871) and MA (1872) from Sanskrit College. After he awarded the “Shastri” title from this collage. He wrote a lot of articles like Poetry, novels, essays, biographies etc. His Notable works are “Nirbasiter Bilap” (1868), “Puspomala” (1875), “Mejho Bou” (1880), “Himadri-Kusum” (1887), “Puspanjali” (1888), “Jugantar” (1895), “Nayontara” (1899), “Bidhobar Chhele” (1916) etc. Today I’ll share with you, his Bangali book “Jugantar”. Get Bangla eBook Jugantar in PDF.
Collect this eminent Bangla book in pdf file.

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